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Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd

30.06.2023 13:00

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank KGSQ Dewar flask

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The product is designed for laboratory work, suitable for laboratory freezing and preservation of samples, frequent access to samples, moderate size for convenient laboratory storage, beautiful appearance, a variety of volumes to choose from.

Product features:

1. Made of high-strength aircraft aluminum, corrosion-resistant and not easily damaged;

2. improved shell design, so that the white coat is no longer easy to wear;

3. vacuum layer and filled insulation material, so that the liquid nitrogen preservation time longer;

4. optional locking cap at the mouth of the bottle to achieve the protection of the sample safety;

5. the support on the inner layer of the transport model makes the neck tube less shaky and less prone to damage during transport;

6. the complimentary carrying bucket or basket has a larger capacity, allowing easy access to samples

7. equipped with a protective sleeve to prevent bumping during transportation.

TianChi KGSQ Dewar bottle focus on Dewar bottle manufacturing for 13 years, with a trustworthy manufacturing process to ensure the use of Dewar bottle worry-free, all products have passed the functional test of the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. We have passed ISO9001 and EU CE quality certification. We are a manufacturer, providing high quality products and perfect after-sales service, please feel free to contact us.


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